Saturday 8 January 2011

Bheja Fry [2007]

Bheja Fry isn’t a film with much philosophical undertones or intellectual commentary in it. It is a smart, compact and entertaining film that might be a good reprieve even for a serious film watcher. Rajat Kapoor is a wealthy man with a pretty wife (Sarika). His marital life, however, isn’t going very well, and has a stress-buster session with his friends where they invite someone only to make fun of him. For the latest session they have invited a self-proclaimed singer (Vinay Pathak) who can really get on people’s nerves. And he almost ends up destroying the life of Kapoor’s character, apart from completely frying his brain cells with his utter stupidity. The film has a slew of interesting performances by its commendable cast, and that is led by a fine comic turn by Pathak. The film is filled with some hilarious gags and unpredictable turns, and is sure to make its viewers reel with laughter. The film, as I said, is devoid of any serious themes and thus might not make to one’s favourite films as it doesn’t have anything extraordinary to offer. But, with its light-hearted premise, fluid script, goofy turns, fast narrative pace, comic turn of events, and refreshing humour, the film is sure to capture one’s imagination and provide wholesome entertainment, even if it is doesn't last long in one's memory.

Director: Sagar Ballary
Genre: Comedy/Slapstick Comedy
Language: Hindi
Country: India

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