Monday 27 December 2010

Kung Fu Panda [2008]

DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda is a 3D animation movie that is easy to like and equally easy to brush aside while critically appraising it. If animation films are meant to provide wholesome family entertainment through liberal use of slapstick humour along with its subtler variation, and a free-flowing plot, Kung Fu Panda, can be proclaimed as an unequivocal success. But if one were to derive more intellectual satisfaction along with the entertainment dose, the movie would qualify as no more than kitsch meant only for underdeveloped brains. But, whatever be the agenda of evaluating a film, the film sure managed to keep one engaged through its crisp length and fun-filled action sequences. The tale of a pot-bellied panda’s journey from his father’s noodle shop to a legendary kung-fu warrior (a dream that he always harboured), has been helped enormously through the all-star voiceover cast. Jack Black ( as Po the Panda), Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan have all managed to make their respective characters eminently enjoyable. Now, the plot might be all too predictable, but the director has been innovative and creative in making this tale filled with sequences that are nothing short of spectacular and even an air of unpredictability. And there’s no doubting the fabulous animation work that must have been done behind the camera.

Directors: John Stevenson, Mark Osborne
Genre: Animation/Comedy/Action
Language: English
Country: US

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