Saturday 25 December 2010

Gorosthane Sabdhan [2010]

Sandip Ray’s latest Feluda venture Gorosthane Sabdhan (which, translated, means "Attention at the Symmetry") might easily rank as his best Feluda movie till now. Adapted from a highly engaging and mystery-ridden novel of the same name belonging to the immensely popular Feluda franchise of Sandip’s late father Satyajit Ray, Gorosthane Sabdhan starts off with the digging off of a grave at Calcutta’s South Park Symmetry that goes awry with the unanticipated arrival of a man, thus kick-starting a tale of murder and betrayal. Prodosh Chandra Mitter, or as he is popularly known, Feluda, is drawn into the incident as a fish is drawn towards water, and along with his trusted nephew-cum-sidekick Topshe, and middle-aged friend Lal Mohan Ganguly aka Jatayu, a crime fiction writer, ends up unraveling a racket, headed by a wealthy megalomaniac, which into getting hold of antic watches. For once Sandip Ray based the entire film in Calcutta, and it was sure a pleasure watching on-screen some of the famous locations of the city. Boasting of a highly original credit sequence, the film also comprises of some impressive interior designs. Sabyasachi Chakraborty as the extremely knowledgeable sleuth with a razor-sharp mind is good as always, though newcomer Shaheb Bhattacharjee as Topshe is a minor letdown, and Bibhu Chakraborty’s Jatayu, despite reducing his antics, is a bad shadow of Santosh Dutta’s unforgettable turns in the Satyajit Ray films. However, Dhritiman Chatterjee and Tinu Anand in their respective cameos are worth looking out for.

Director: Sandip Ray
Genre: Thriller/Mystery
Language: Bengali
Country: India

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