Wednesday 22 December 2010

Aamir [2008]

Aamir is one arresting combination of an interesting idea and an equally laudable execution. The movie is for the arthouse aficionados – there’s no denying to it; yet it is engrossing enough to hold the attention of a mainstream moviegoer as well. The premise of the movie is quite simple – a good, well-off, unsuspecting man, is forced into a horrendous situation through combination of fate and careful planning – a Muslim NRI doctor inadvertently forced to be a pawn in an elaborate terrorism plan. The movie’s premise reminded me a bit of David Fincher’s The Game, as it might of quite a few similar films. Yet the film managed to catch my attention through its smart storytelling. The fact that it went ahead at a frenetic pace certainly did no harm. The film also turned out to be an effective portrayal of the sordid and grimy underbelly of a metropolis – Mumbai in this case. The dark and rarely seen parts of this megacity have been exceptionally well captured here making the otherwise attractive city appear dank and slimy. Rajiv Khandelwal as the unsuspecting young man who is coerced into a bizarre set of sequences is quite believable. And so are the other minor characters who all are part of this setup. The tension has been maintained well throughout through efficient mixture of adept photography and plotline.

Director: Raj Kumar Gupta
Genre: Thriller
Language: Hindi
Country: India

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