Saturday 31 December 2011

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol [2011]

The Mission Impossible franchise had been going downhill ever since Brian De Palma made the stylish and hugely entertaining first part, so much so that I was left wondering what made Tom Cruise even willing to go ahead with the third part which arguably represented the lowest point of the franchise. Hence, I went to watch the latest installment with much trepidation; fortunately, the curve did change its trajectory with this one. In fact, one might even say that this would provide the franchise a much needed shot in the arm, and the fact that it has been more or less accepted by majority of the movie-going populace means that we might expect a fifth part sooner rather than later. Brad Bird, having made such delectable animation films as Ratatouille, is at the helm of a live-action feature film for the first time with this larger-than-life action thriller. In an era when spy thrillers are becoming less and less slick and gadget-obsessed, and more and more gritty and realistic – hell, even the Bond series has been moving in that direction over the last couple of films – Team M.I. decided to remain anachronistic by not just being on the other end of the spectrum, but also by upping the ante in terms of spectacular stunts, loads of special effects and jaw-dropping gadgetry. The globe-trotting film, which starts off at Budapest, and moves to Mumbai via Moscow and Dubai, is a classic example of “all style, and zero substance”, but it’s a darn entertaining ride all through despite that. It was fun seeing Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) pulling off yet another audacious mission, and in the process averting nuclear catastrophe, though the utter ridiculousness of the proceedings ensured it was a vacuous experience for most parts.

Director: Brad Bird
Genre: Action/Thriller/Spy Thriller
Language: English
Country: US

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Portugal said...

I enjoyed this movie for what it supposed to be, fun! Lots of action, entertaining story, and good acting. You don't go to a movie like this expecting anything different. All action movies have similar formulas and what you may have enjoyed when you were younger may have different views by the younger generation. This is a good solid blockbuster movie and worth the price of admission.