Saturday 10 December 2011

Awarapan [2007]

Within 15 minutes into Awarapan I got confirmation of what I’d been suspecting all along (i.e. since reading a brief outline about it prior to my viewing it) – that it has been “inspired” from Kim Jee-Woon’s excellent action-thriller A Bittersweet Life. Nonetheless, I continued with the screening, and I must concede, that the deplorable plagiarism angle apart, this is a reasonably good watch. The movie’s principal protagonist is Shivam (Emraan Hashmi), a laconic henchman who is treated like a son by his boss, Mallik (Ashutosh Rana), a powerful Hong-Kong based gangster. Things however turn sour between the two when Shivam refuses to obey an express order of Mallik’s – that of killing the latter’s mistress. Suffice it to say, what follows is unabated mayhem and bloodshed that none of the two sides manages to escape from. Emraan Hashmi was surprisingly good as the taciturn enforcer, trying to come to terms with his tragic past, who gets his fate sealed when he changes sides in order to redeem his sins. The film also boasts of a number of superb soundtracks. Unfortunately, the plagiarism tag apart, unlike the Korean original this Bollywood-remake lacked a tighter script – oftentimes the narrative seemed to drift more than it should have with the sole intent of increasing the emotional impact.

Director: Mohit Suri
Genre: Action/Thriller/Crime Thriller
Language: Hindi
Country: India

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