Friday 5 March 2010

Bhalo Theko (Take Care) [2003]

Bhalo Theko has presented the various dichotomies that oftentimes exist within a society, or as in this case, an educated and politically conscious Bengali family residing in the countryside – the rebellious and those resigned to fate, the prosaic and the idealists, the inflexible and the easily bent, those always with a step in the future and ones forever dwelling in the past. And the manner in which this poignant tale of love, loss and loneliness has been presented that anyone giving it a try will find it very soothing to the nerves. The central story of Anandi, a selfless woman who, true to her name, knows only how to spread love, mirrors the changing fortunes and socio-political climate of the city of Calcutta. The non-linear narrative swings back and forth in time, from the turbulent Naxalite revolution in the 70’s to the era of urban female emancipation in the 90’s, and captures her numerous heartbreaks and the few fleeting moments of bliss. The beautiful Vidya Balan’s exquisite portrayal of the immense depths in Anandi’s character belies the fact that this was her debut feature as an actress. And the grand thespian of Indian cinema, Soumitra Chatterjee, has added yet another memorable role to his rich canon through his quietly powerful portrayal of a former trade unionist and Marxist who now whiles his time reminiscing and reading. The wonderful background score, lush photography and some soul-stirring poetry make Bhalo Theko a deeply humanistic work of art.

Director: Goutam Halder
Genre: Drama/Political Drama/Family Drama/Poetic Realism
Language: Bengali
Country: India

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