Saturday 20 March 2010

033 [2010]

033 conforms to the themes of its predecessor Madly Bengali in that it is about a Bangla Rock Band, it is about a group of four egocentric and lost youths who learn to come to terms with themselves, and it is also about how the immensely rich and dynamic musical history of Calcutta has found a new face in the form of its underground rock circuit; so how does it stand out? Not so much in content as in form. The film, which is about a boy-band named after the STD code of the city they are based in, and on how a melancholic young girl, in search of her roots, manages to leave a small impact on the band members, has been presented in a manner that is wildly experimental and out-of-the-box in terms of treatment. It manages to be freewheeling and even a wee bit iconoclastic, like the songs of the Beetles and Dylan, or the ideologues of Che Guevera, whose posters adorn the trench, a neon-lit shack owned by a veteran music lover who calls himself Santiago, where the band practices their music. Jerky camera motions, jump cuts, handy-cams, slow-mo-s, psychedelic lightings, etc. have all been fused into the breezy improvised script, along with wit, humour and some wonderful original compositions by Chandrabindu (as well as a terrific redo of a Mohiner Ghoraguli classic), to present a movie that its debutant director must have had one hell of time while making.

Director: Birsa Dasgupta
Genre: Drama/Existential Drama/Musical/Experimental
Language: Bengali
Country: India


Amritorupa Kanjilal said...

kal raate ishqiya dekhlam. warsi fatiye diyeche. golpo bhalo laglo, jodio ektu ajgubi. tobe ajgubi ke surreal boleo chalano jaay.
aj road,movie dekhbo. ar download hoye gele LSD.

Shubhajit said...

In fact all the 3 actors in Ishqiya are good. Unfortunately, otar review-ta lekha hoy ni. Ishqiya-ke theek surreal bola jay na, its a modern day noir.

Anyway, road movie ar LSD dutoi amaro dekhar ichhe, jodio hoye othe ni.