Sunday 20 July 2008

Trainspotting [1996]

One of the most brutally honest depictions of drug addiction and an incredible movie by any standards, Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting is as unflinching in its boldness as it is mordant in its twisted sense of humour. The movie follows the wild, idiosyncratic and fascinating experiences of four die-hard British junkies. Audacious in its outlook and mesmerizing in its execution, the movie has managed to seamlessly merge elements that range from poetic to surreal to off-putting to nauseating. The passionately written and directed biting satire, with its kinetic pace and terrific soundtrack, also manages to convey sympathy for moral bankruptcy of as well as the memorable camaraderie between the characters brilliantly enacted by a bunch of character actors led superbly by Ewan McGregor. The grim, nihistic and wacky take on drug abuse and the dark, psychedelic, violent world of crack-heads and dopeheads might severely alienate (and even repel) the faint-hearted viewers; but it is an absolute must watch for cine-lovers as is evident by the movie’s huge cult status both in and outside Britain.

Director: Danny Boyle
Genre: Black Comedy/Social Satire/Buddy Film/Psychedelic Drama
Language: English
Country: UK

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