Saturday 31 May 2008

Red Violin (Il Violino Rosso) [1998]

Red Violin is a visually arresting and emotionally binding epic tale of an exquisitely crafted violin’s spectacularly eventful journey through various times, regimes and personalities. The violin, which starts its outlandishly unique three century musical journey at a small village in Italy, travels across England, Communist China, and ends up at a present day auction at Montreal, deeply touches and changes irreversibly (for better as well as for worse) those who have come in its contact. During the course of its travel it witnesses everything – love, loss, joy, anguish, genius, apathy, virtuoso performance, devastation, selflessnessness, hypocrisy et al. Stunning cinematography, fluid narrative, deft editing, haunting score and memorable performances by the actors, especially by the incomparable Samuel L. Jackson (cast against his type), make watching this movie a memorable experience.

Director: François Girard
Genre: Drama/Epic/Period Film
Language: English/Italian/Chinese
Country: Canada, Italy

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