Saturday 27 June 2009

Terminator Salvation [2009]

We now know what the world will look like once the Judgement Day has arrived – cold and heartless like this movie by McG, director of the Charlie’s Angels series. To be honest, the movie isn’t really bad per se, only that it falls way below the kind of expectations that this particular franchise makes the audiences harbour. John Connor, played by Christian Bale (still suffering from an overdose of Batman hangover), has finally taken over the mantle of resistance against the machines unleashed by Skynet – but it’s a battle whose losing side he seems to be a part of. And then arrives a mysterious former death row inmate who might not really be what he seems. As a standalone movie it is a decent popcorn summer blockbuster – the dystopian future, presented through steel-gray washed cinematography, looks well etched out. However, but for one moment of inspiration (watch the movie and you’ll know which), the action sequences and the special effects are just about decent without ever being jaw-dropping or spectacular. On the whole, the only real good thing that probably came out of it is that it made me want to revisit the iconic first two movies of the series.

Director: McG
Genre: Action/Science Fiction
Language: English
Country: US

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