Wednesday 25 February 2009

RocknRolla [2008]

Marriage to Madonna might have been exciting for his libido (lets face it, who wouldn’t want to bed Madonna?), but it was undoubtedly a bad time for Guy Ritchie’s career. After an incredible debut with Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, the world was his oyster. With RocknRolla he has returned to his comfort zone of Brit gangster action/black comedy, and I must add, with a bang. The plot concerns a shady land deal in London that has left every criminal in town, from the big sharks to the small-timers, scrambling to grab his share. Revealing any more of the labyrinthine plot wouldn't just be futile, but would also be criminal as it is filled with delicious twists and double (make that multiple) crosses all the way. Though at times it appears to be a toned down version of Lock, Stock…, it is nonetheless an extremely entertaining work thanks to its breezy hyperkinetic narrative, awesome background score, wacky characters, and bizarrely funny sense of humour. Simply put, the movie, Ritchie's best since the mind-bending Snath, is as entertaining and Tarantino-ian a ride as it gets.

Director: Guy Ritchie
Genre: Action/
Comedy/Crime Caper/Gangster
Language: English
Country: UK


Unknown said...

I agree with you.(That marriage to Madonna part was interesting ;) ) I also enjoyed the movie very much and its good to see that Guy Ritchie has not "swept away"!! By the way have you seen the film "Revolver" by Guy Ritchie ? I think you will like that too.

Shubhajit said...

Thanks. Yeah, I've seen Revolver, and I didn't like it all - the plot was too convoluted and to make matters worse I was inebriated when I watched the movie, so you do the math ;)