Tuesday 3 June 2008

Goodbye, Lenin! [2003]

Goodbye, Lenin! is a poignant fable on the timeless and universal themes of values, love, hope and dreams. Made by the German director Wolfgang Becker, the movie covers a funny, bitter sweet tale of a young guy’s novel effort to cushion his ill pro-Socialist mother (via recreation of an alternate society where East Germany is preserved despite the German unification and influx of all the America is while East Germany wasn’t) from the enormous political and social reversals in the aftermath of the collapse of the Berlin wall. The movie is so marvelously presented that the utterly unbelievable means add to its beauty instead of acting as a hindrance. Subtle political overtones, courtesy the clever juxtaposition of socialist ideologues with capitalist free-wheeling, act as an essential catalyst even though the movie is strongly apolitical. This delightful farcical comedy is a witty, irresistible and evocative ride, laced with pathos, absurdism, political commentary and soulful beauty.

Director: Wolfgang Becker
Genre: Political Satire/Social Satire/Comedy/Drama
Language: German
Country: Germany

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