Sunday 1 June 2008

Fight Club [1999]

A dark, visceral, hyperkinetic and violent psychological drama/thriller about the duality of human nature and the seedy underbelly lurking beneath an otherwise placid and manicured society, Fight Club was undoubtedly the best work of David Fincher – an important director to emerge in the tinseltown in the 90’s. The serio-comic tone of the brilliantly stylized movie is unmistakable, as is the apocalyptic stance of the characters. The fact that people hit each other in an underground fight club just to feel good, to purge the soul of stress, frustration, wrath, hopelessness, boredom and inactivity, feels like a thousand ton brick crashing on one’s head. Edward Norton, as the bored and mild natured man of the society, is in his elements as usual. However the show is dominated by Brad Pitt who has delivered the most defining role of his fine career as Norton's psychotic, domineering and cocky alter ego, who takes to violence as a vampire takes to blood. The climax of the movie was shocking enough to give a hard kick at the butt of even an ardent cinephile like me.

Director: David Fincher
Genre: Psychological Thriller/Urban Drama/Black Comedy
Language: English
Country: US


1minutefilmreview said...

We have to admit, you're real fast in pumping out these reviews. Great job! Will review this too!

Shubhajit said...

Thanx buddy...but it'll still take a lot of time to catch up with u...n it'll take a lot of time to lay my hands on,leave alone watch or review,all the indies that u've covered.

Chris said...

Good review, you manage to say much with a great choice of wording. My vocabulary grows when I read your site! I like how you talk about why they fight, as its obviously different for each individual why.
Fight Club is important for you too I see from your sidebar. And you loved the powerful ending as well.
So I’m curious, you decided to go with 4.5, and not 5 stars, any reason? I didn’t add a rating in my review, but you can probably guess from my impassioned post today it’s a 10/10 ( :

Shubhajit said...

Thanks a lot for the appreciation and kind words. Yes, it remains an important film for me too. As for that 0.5 stars, well, quality wise there's hardly much difference for me between 5 & 4.5 star films. The only thing is its lasting value - the kind that makes you preserve that film in your mind for posterity. I guess I'll have to wait some more to see if that happens with Fight Club. The ratings are anyway dynamic in nature - a film can always grow by 0.5 stars and also diminish by 0.5 stars over a period of time.