Sunday 8 June 2008

Chalo, Lets Go [2008]

The latest offering from songwriter-turned-director Anjan Dutt is a clear indication of his fast growing maturity behind the camera. Though not as personal an effort as Bow Barracks Forever, this delightfully refreshing road movie is certainly far more polished vis-à-vis Bong Connection. Four Calcutta youths, who are bound by their friendship and love for music, but otherwise each completely distinct in their rights – a brash but inwardly sentimental leader of the gang, a fiercely independent short-tempered guy, a sentimental soft-natured person, and an idealistic intellectual who also happens to be the narrator (the name of the characters provide a subtle homage to the Ray classic Days and Nights in the Forest), along with a motley of colourful, nicely delineated Bengali characters, taking a bus trip forms the general outline of the story. The fun, the self-explorations, the hypocrisies, the generosities, love at unexpected quarters, etc. abound in this engaging travel diary to North Bengal, that turns out to be a life-altering experience for the characters. Not a great piece of art in any sense (the acting is good only in parts, the experimentation in narrative is decent at best); yet the movie is humorous, satirical, poignant and entertaining all rolled into one. And as for the music, its really good - no wonder considering Anjan Dutt was a terrific singer/songwriter before he turned filmmaker.

Director: Anjan Dutt
Genre: Comedy Drama/Road Movie/Satire/Buddy Film
Language: Bengali
Country: India


Lara Baggins said...

Somehow, Dutt it seems, can't seem to get over cliches. I don't know about this one though. By the way, about the bad movie review I have an idea: The Mistress of Spices. If you want me to describe it in one word, I would say Uggh!

Shubhajit said...

Well,i would any day take Dutt the troubadour over Dutt the auteur. But i'd really liked Bow Barracks Forever, & Chalo is also watchable.
Fortunately haven't watched that movie. Bad movie review is still there at the back of my mind. Maybe i'll write it when i'm in an especially foul mood. That'll make the language more flowery if you know what i mean.