Sunday 27 March 2011

Inside Job [2010]

Inside Job is a fascinating documentary that gives us an insider look into the chain of activities – some bordering on stupidity while others utterly despicable (and even criminal) – that played parts in the economic meltdown of the US, which ultimately resulted in one of the worst recessions of our times and that spread like forest fire to numerous other countries. The well-researched documentary has focused in length on the various facets, ranging from monumental financial miscalculations to insatiable human greed that give us glimpses into the murky underbelly of the world of finance – a world that includes in its foyer not just Wall Street honchos, investment-bankers and “financial engineers” with ludicrous pay-packets, but also seemingly respectable people like policy-makers, fin-gurus and professors at some of the most renowned universities in America. All these have been presented through a combination of discomfiting interviews and provocative background commentary by Matt Damon. Though it felt overlong at times, on the whole I found it riveting, disturbing and an eye-opening experience. Interestingly and ironically, this chronicle of the financial shams and scams that caused immense grief and loss to innumerable people around the globe, was screened by the Finance Club of our institute… poetic justice anyone?

Director: Charles Ferguson
Genre: Documentary
Language: English
Country: US


Just Another Film Buff said...

Hahaha. Poetic Justice indeed. That's like mass reading Richard Dawkins at your local church.

Hope you're doing great, Shubhajit. I'm assuming that you're interning somewhere right now.


Shubhajit said...

Yeah, indeed :)

I'm doing fine, how about you? I'll be interning at Renault-Nissan in Chennai from 4th April onwards. If you're nearby during that time, perhaps we could catch up...

Sam Juliano said...

"Though it felt overlong at times, on the whole I found it riveting, disturbing and an eye-opening experience."

Great to hear you are interning now, Shubhajit, as per your discussion here with Srikanth, and I likewise wish you the best. Still I am delighted at the diligence you have maintained at this still-most-active blog. I concur with what you say above--perhaps a bit long for a documentary, and in this sense unavoidably redundant, but all in all a riveting work, which as you know made so many ten-best lists and nabbed the feature documentary Oscar!

Shubhajit said...

Thanks a lot Sam for the wishes. My internship will be starting from tomorrow, so my days of leisure are once again over. And as for the blog, I try to get by :)

Yeah, Inside Job is indeed a good one, and deserves to find place in all the top-10 lists that it is making.