Sunday 12 October 2008

Three Colors: Red, White, Blue (Trois Couleurs: Rouge, Blanc, Bleu) [1993, 1994, 1994]

Polish master Krzysztof Kieslowski’s greatest achievement, undoubtedly his magnum opus (along with Decalogue), the Three Colors Trilogy is an astounding episodic journey where each film is based on the theme propounded by the corresponding colour in the French national flag, viz. liberty, equality and fraternity. Blue (Bleu) is a deeply philosophical exploration that portrays the protagonist’s attempt at liberty from her deceased legendary husband’s inescapable presence; White (Blanc) (on a personal note, this being my favourite) is a mordant black comedy and a neo-noir where a divorced and humiliated husband attempts to get even with his former wife; Red (Rouge), often considered the best of the venerable trio, follows the unlikely friendship between a young girl and a retired judge, and their heart-rendering commonality. Evocatively composed, hauntingly photographed, exceedingly well enacted - especially by the three female actors, and passionately directed, the trilogy is a marvelous demonstration of a visionary director at the pinnacle of his artistic and philosophical prowess, and will forever be glowingly referred to as one of cinema’s most profound achievements.

Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski
Genre: Drama/Psychological Drama/Black Comedy/Social Satire/Romantic Drama
Language: French/Polish
Country: Poland/France


Anonymous said...

I just loved Red, it is a master piece. Yet to watch the other two.

Your blog rocks man. Big time.

Shubhajit said...

Thanks a lot dude for your appreciation. I'm glad that you liked my blog. Looking forward to more comments from you.

Sadanand Renapurkar said...

Again you have used nice embellishments to describe Three Colors without giving us any glimpse of what did you make of it. Particularly Red that talks about the FRATERNITY theme, talks volumes about human alienation, colors and symbols, their exitence and reasons. Look for the soul of creation mate!

Shubhajit said...

My intent of posting reviews at my blog is not to provide in-depth discussions of the movies with all their symbolisms, ironies, tonalities, psycho-analyses, etc. Rather, it is more of a movie viewing journal. The idea is not to provide detailed critiques, but to present compressed personal opinionated musings, if you will. And maybe in the process manage to introduce/aid in revisiting a few good movies to my fellow cinephiles.

Adrenaline and all that Jazzz said...
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Adrenaline and all that Jazzz said...

i respect your intent to not discuss the symbolism...(I have only seen Bleu)Kieslowski's use of blackouts, interrupting at key moments and shortblasting the overture, was quite intricate to me.
By the way thanks to you i too have now devoured 'our films and their films' could you suggest a book on Symbolisms?

Shubhajit said...

Its a pleasure. 'Our Films Their Films' will always be a very special book for me - it literally opened the door to 'good' cinema to me.

As for book on symbolism, I absolutely have no clue. Pardon my ignorance.

Chris said...

I agree about the films being timeless, this is due the universal themes I guess. Part 2 of the trilogy Blanc (White)is my favourite too, just posted my review of Blue today, and will review White and Red in the weeks to come.