Wednesday 2 November 2011

Badmaash Company [2010]

Badmaash Company has tried really hard to be a stylish new-age thriller. To leave no stones unturned, the director employed a series of tricks he has learnt, possibly from watching a slew of popular Hollywood thrillers; he even mixed a number of stereotypical Bollywood tropes and clichés for old-times’ sake. The end result, if not entirely unwatchable, wasn’t particularly memorable either. Karan (Shahid Kapoor), like any “hero” worth his salt, is not just a jack of all trades, but also a master of all. However, the only catch is that he wants to earn a quick buck and is ready to bend a rule or two in order to do so. So he enlists the help of two of his friends, as well as a feisty pretty-young-thing (Anushka Sharma), and starts concocting elaborate plans of fooling the authorities and making some good money in the process. The plan with which they start their business was ingenuous and smart – if only the rest of the movie could retain that flavour my review would have taken a different turn altogether. With each new plan that our hero conjures, the director starts testing the intelligence (or rather, gullibility) of his audience more and more, until things start looking pretty ludicrous even for ones with gray-cell deficiency. And, as I mentioned earlier, heavy injection of standard and overused ‘Bolly’ plot devices, like the ‘honourable father-dishonest son relationship’, or ‘money turns good guys into self-destructive jerks’, or ‘hero seeking redemption and bloody well getting one’, among others, dash whatever promise the movie’s initial premise had. As for acting, especially that of Shahid Kapoor, the lesser said the better.

Director: Parmeet Sethi
Genre: Thriller/Con Movie/Buddy Film
Language: Hindi
Country: India


Pratyush Khaitan said...

Lol. Dude, what made you watch Badmaash Company?

Shubhajit said...

Haha, its a long story dude :D