Wednesday 11 March 2009

Bishh (Poison) [2009]

Bishh, like Dev D, is a fascinating indication of the fact that a few Indian directors are willing to take risks that were inconceivable even a few years back – earning the wrath of puritans being one reason, presenting tales that are far removed from ordinary sensibilities being another. Bishh isn’t anywhere close to being a great movie, I concede – it sags a bit in the middle and the characters aren’t very well developed; but what makes the movie darn interesting lies in the director’s dare in having a hard look at the taboo subject of sexual emancipation and everything that comes with it, his courage in taking the experimental route rather than the popular one – the initial few scenes of the movie are quintessential Godard, and his ability to maintain the movie’s credibility despite a few cheesy as well as soppy sequences. The dark story revolves around three girls who, over a cup of coffee, decide to be ‘bad girls’ for the ensuing night. Splashed with psychedelic images and striking visuals, comprising of a laudable new-age soundtrack, and boasting of a daringly promiscuous turn by anchor-turned-actress Rituparna Sen who I found an extremely alluring combination of wild beauty and raw sensuality, the movie deserves a watch, even if it’s only for its bold content.

Director: Kaushik Mukherjee (aka Q)
Genre: Drama/Urban Drama/Psychological Drama/Existential Drama/Psychedelic Drama/Experimental
Language: Bengali
Country: India


rahul m said...

could u tell where can i see it?

Shubhajit said...

Well, I'd seen in in theatre. Will have to check whether it has had a dvd release.