Saturday 23 August 2008

Gone Baby Gone [2007]

I’m really puzzled as to what Ben Affleck loves more – his hometown Boston or the crave to surprise us. We all agree he is a sub-average actor. But he also happened to win an Oscar for co-writing, along with Matt Damon, for the screenplay of Good Will Hunting. And now, with Gone Baby Gone, which marks his directorial debut, he has confirmed that perhaps acting was his means to find his true calling. This assured crime drama, starring his brother Casey Affleck (who undoubtedly is the more talented Affleck in front of the camera) in the role of a private investigator, opens up the underbelly of the city of Boston without, at any time, making us flinch. The plot essentially concerns the kidnapping of a young girl, the circus that ensues, and the dark truth that slowly gets revealed both to us as well as to the protagonist. The movie is a success because the director didn’t get bogged down by the heavy plot; rather he managed to etch the characters and the human story very well too. Though it did miss out on a few nuances or further explorations of the complexities hinted at – the ending was in fact more overstated than I would have wanted, I found watching the movie a largely satisfying experience. The moody, atmospheric cinematography did enhance the experience further. A special mention needs to be made about Ed Harris – his brilliant turn as a veteran cop who might be aware of more than he cares to state, once again shows what a terrific, albeit underrated, actor he is.

Director: Ben Affleck
Genre: Crime Drama/Mystery/Thriller/Private Eye
Language: English
Country: US