Monday 13 February 2012

Super [2010]

I found it really surprising that two movies, viz. Kick-Ass and Super, with nearly identical themes & content, released in the same year! Of course, it’s another matter that, while the former, with its zany and darkly funny execution, had its social commentary only as a subtext, the latter chose to take itself too seriously for its own good – as a result, though it has been touted as a black comedy, I didn’t really find the comedy part anywhere. The movie is about an ultra-religious Everyday-Joe (Rainn Wilson), who’s a pea-brained loser in his life for all practical purposes and whose addict wife, whom he loves with all his heart, elopes with a notorious gangster (Kevin Bacon), dons a superhero costume with the intent of saving his wife and for also doing some crude crime-fighting in the process. He gets a sidekick in the form of a petite but sociopathic young girl (Ellen Page) in this crusade of his. The movie is ultra-violent but that really came in the way of the drama – also, some of the set-pieces and sequences were well orchestrated. Perhaps had the director not made its social and quasi-religious commentary so overt, and instead injected some acerbic humour and intelligence both into the script and the characters, this could have been a much more memorable ride.

Director: James Gunn
Genre: Drama/Black Comedy/Action
Language: English
Country: US

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