Tuesday 15 November 2011

Rockstar [2011]

Imtiaz Ali tried incorporating a lot of clichéd tropes into his protagonist in Rockstar to make him appear and behave like one – hippie-style dresses, baggy hair, “rebel without a cause” persona, social outcast, among others. Unfortunately, the director never managed to make him even remotely close to the James Hetfields and the Kurt Cobains of the world. Had Jim Morrison, who happened to be the biggest idol of Janardan Jakhar aka Jordan (played by Ranbir Kapoor), been resurrected, he would have promptly found a way to get back to his grave. Jordan’s character, in fact, turned out to be more of a caricature than anything else, despite Ranbir Kapoor’s admittedly valiant efforts. His journey from being a squeaky-clean college guy to a brazenly rebellious singer-song writer-composer-master guitarist-and what not, has been so ludicrously portrayed that even a new born baby would cry out in shame. It was therefore a great surprise how he managed to develop such fan-following even in Delhi, leave alone in Prague or elsewhere. And as for his lady-love, her character was so moronic that it would have been much better had she been killed right in the first scene of the movie instead of the last. To call Nargis Fakhri a wooden-actor would be to put all the wood-cutters to shame, so let me save them the humiliation. Even A.R. Rehman’s music seemed dull for most parts, expect the song Sadda Haq – the only song that can be qualified as a rock song (and a good one at that). It’s a shame that a storyline with such potentials was so ruthlessly massacred by all those involved in making this horrendous film.

Director: Imtiaz Ali
Genre: Drama/Musical/Romance
Language: Hindi
Country: India

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