Friday 27 March 2009

Fat Girl (A Ma Soeur!) [2001]

Fat Girl is an ultra-feministic movie by, you guessed it, a female director. Catherine Breillat is one of the most controversial filmmakers working today; watch this daringly provocative movie and you’ll know why. This is a grim and disturbing coming-of-age story of two adolescent teenage girls – an obese 12-year old girl who is desperate to lose her virginity, and her infinitely prettier and narcissistic older sister who loves all the attention she gets from the boys. Unsurprisingly, none of the male characters in the movie are likeable. Further, the ‘surprise’ psychobabble of a climax was a shocker in its lack of subtlety. On the flip side, the love-hate chemistry between the siblings has been very well portrayed. The two girls’ performances, too, are extremely noteworthy thanks to their audaciously frank, uninhibited and matured turns. As is perhaps evident, my views about this movie are very ambiguous. However, like Sex and Lucia, anyone watching the movie solely for its near pornographic content, will be in for a complex, deeply discomfiting, and at times a tad pretentious exploration of the psychosis of relationships and sex.

Director: Catherine Breillat
Genre: Drama/Psychological Drama/Coming-of-Age
Language: French
Country: France

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