Saturday 5 July 2014

I Am Curious (Blue) [1968]

Vilgot Sjöman had initially intended to make a marathon 4-hour film reflecting on the personal and the political in contemporary Sweden, but he ultimately edited that down to I Am Curious (Yellow). I Am Curious (Blue), the colours being a reference to Sweden’s flag, was carved out of the outtakes – unused footages, additional materials and re-shoots – of the former film, and was released a year later, thus making them companion pieces. Though, on first glance, this too was stylistically, thematically and formally marked by the satirical, self-referential, freewheeling, political, pop-cultural and cinéma vérité nature of the earlier film, tonally they were quite different, thus making a back-to-back viewing of the two films necessary as well as rewarding, even if Yellow, undeniably, was the superior and more original of the two. The political width here was far more focused, with the questions being largely limited to social inequity on account of society’s preponderance towards meritocracy, organized religion, and Sweden’s prison system. Further, in place of the jazzy and flamboyant style of Yellow, Blue was more introspective, personal and melancholic in nature, with the satire and humour dramatically toned down, if not dispensed with. Lena Nymann once again put in an excellent turn as she continually slipped in and out of real and reel, and her growing bond with a bearded professor (Hands Hellberg), the effects of her reel/real parents’ relationship, her friendship with a single mother, the social injustice and callousness around her, and her inner dilemmas, adding an affecting side to her character. For those who’ve seen Yellow are bound to be less surprised by Blue, and Sjöman put this together with that basic assumption in mind.

Director: Vilgot Sjoman
Genre: Drama/Psychological Drama/Social Satire/Political Satire/Avant-Garde
Language: Swedish
Country: Sweden

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